Sept 24 Elder Meeting

Troy: Image of someone trying to tame a storm, sense that God inviting us to try and fully engage with Him, (person yelling at the storm) invitation to say anything, but ultimately you can't tame a storm. Trust. 

Troy: A boy with a wand (possibly Harry Potter), Brady feeling like it's about the wonder of God

Brady: Picture of Luke Skywalker, hearing Luke's theme (hero's theme)- Jesus needs to be the hero for us. We have work to do, but we can't be the hero, we need Jesus to show up in a big way. Luke shows up in darkness, dressed in white, and he's not afraid when everyone else is afraid. There's more that Jesus is willing to do for us, if we ask. 

Danae: Picture of someone writing in the sand, but then the surf comes and washes it out. Sense of God being bigger and He's carrying the work we're doing to the places it needs to be, even when it looks like it just keeps disappearing. 



Praying for community September 10th

I (Kayla) was praying with Josiah about the community and I got a picture of a rope that was being pulled in both directions. One by one threads were breaking until the rope was hanging on by one last thread. I asked what it meant and where God was in the picture and I saw two hands that grabbed each side of the tear and finally pulled it apart so that the final thread also broke. Then, the hands tied the pieces together and like a magic trick the rope was made whole again.

I also saw a picture of Suz pulling pedals one by one from a red rose ("he loves me he loves me not" style) and crying.

Aug 29th Staff Meeting


Troy- picture of being in the ocean, from under water, not so deep you can't see the sunlight; another picture of a train station, looking down from a high place and watching everyone moving around below

-Getting people to the right destination, in the right lanes, transition (losing people like Mathis' and Terryl). Suz thought the overview perspective was God overseeing everyone and that we can trustGod with people, 

-Being underwater is a totally different experience

Brady- intercession for those we haven't seen in a long time

Danae- image of whales swimming together in a pod, sense that no matter how far people go, there's something about Bas that they will return to (even if not physically)

Kayla- had a picture of Teryll as a whale yesterday, sense of traveling, 

Suz- former picture of Brady as a deer with arrow in side came up, then Troy's image of a crash test dummy brought Brady to mind as well- not wanting Brady to feel like a crash test dummy, wanting to ensure that he has guidance in his upcoming sabbatical so he doesn't feel like that. 


Aug 28th Small Group Leaders Meeting

Brady: Image of a fighter jet, Adrian was dressed in a pilots jumpsuit and was prepping the plane for take off. Had the sense it wasn't just for Adrian, but for everyone. 

Suz: Building being worked on, still surrounded by scaffolding. Sense that it was almost ready, and there was an anticipation to see what was inside, what it would look like when it was finished. 

Troy: Mirror in a dusty attic setting, frame has a crack in it, but the mirror is still fine. 

Themes: preparation for the next thing, seeing

Aug 16th Staff Meeting

  • Troy- Picture of a well. People drawing from the well. Worship is essential.
  • Kayla- Picture of the five of us holding buckets up to catch rain falling.
  • Danae- Buckets were full of water that needed to be taken out. There weren't enough people to take them out. Discouraging. Water slide near by that we could dump the water onto where it would flow quickly. It was fun. Needs were being met.
  • What is the water?
  • Why do we have buckets?
  • Well water vs rain water

Aug 9th Staff Meeting

  • Brady- parchment paper, at first it's dry, and ink just stays in the corner of the paper, then the paper is wet, so when the corner gets dipped into indigo ink the ink spreads throughout the whole paper; stalk of celery steeped in dye at the bottom, dye eventually makes it way all the way up the celery's cells
  • Themes:
    • Preparation
    • Vulnerabilty/Risk
    • Transformation
    • Internal to External
  • Troy- looking up from inside the bottom of a well, can see sunlight as you look up, Dark Knight Rises- inside a prison with a goal to get out, keeps trying to climb up a make a big jump, keeps missing, someone says 'the reason you're not making it is that you're not afraid of dying- you need to be afraid again', he takes the rope off and makes the jump, risk and vulnerability is the only way to get out of the well, even if the well feels safe and 'cozy', there's an invitation to climb up and get up out of the well
  • Possible Actions/Further Discussion
    • Call community to fast and prayer; confession
    • Troy- 'what are the God given vehicles of transformation'? List from Dallas Willard book: abstinence, solitude, silence, fasting, sabbath, secrecy, submission. Reminds him of conversation with Brook and Chase- not feeling prepared for hard conversations with people in their small group
    • Danae- reminds me of frustration that Bill and I have been having around individual spiritual growth within our small group
    • Equipping small group leaders, investing energy into small group leaders needs to be prioritized?
    • Brady's feeling a lot of urgency about getting organized as leaders. What's the mechanism for assessing if people are in the right role?
    • How does leadership contrast with tasks? If we're all at 'capacity', with different variables (all things not being equal) what are we doing that we shouldn't be?
    • This will be on agenda for Elder's meeting

Aug 2nd Staff Meeting

Pictures and words: 

*Troy- Water! There were two streams and there was an overlap of streams. Connecting but still their own.
*Kayla- "where is your heart?" Is your heart in your brain and what you think? Is it in your body and what you do? Where is your focus?
*Brady- garden hose and Ed's face

Maybe the hose reps God. He is the water. Two separate streams Basileia and Hope? Where is your heart could be where and when are we on the same page!
Brady's experience with two springs running together. One stream is ice cold one is scolding hot.  When they mix together it's comfortable but mostly the experience is work. Do we romanticize serving the poor? Is there a point where we have to get past the romantics of serving the poor? The follow through is hard.

Hoses. Soaker hose water goes everywhere. But also, if God is the hose or the water there is someone who is in charge of where the water goes. There is responsibility on who ever is in charge of watering. We have influence on what happens with the kingdom. It's not passive.

Dallas Willard contrasts loving God and serving God. Loving God is better. 

The real question What is Jesus' heart and Jesus' focus because we could be doing anything...all the things.

Journal of themes. Scripture of two streams?