Troy- picture of being in the ocean, from under water, not so deep you can't see the sunlight; another picture of a train station, looking down from a high place and watching everyone moving around below

-Getting people to the right destination, in the right lanes, transition (losing people like Mathis' and Terryl). Suz thought the overview perspective was God overseeing everyone and that we can trustGod with people, 

-Being underwater is a totally different experience

Brady- intercession for those we haven't seen in a long time

Danae- image of whales swimming together in a pod, sense that no matter how far people go, there's something about Bas that they will return to (even if not physically)

Kayla- had a picture of Teryll as a whale yesterday, sense of traveling, 

Suz- former picture of Brady as a deer with arrow in side came up, then Troy's image of a crash test dummy brought Brady to mind as well- not wanting Brady to feel like a crash test dummy, wanting to ensure that he has guidance in his upcoming sabbatical so he doesn't feel like that.