Pictures and words: 

*Troy- Water! There were two streams and there was an overlap of streams. Connecting but still their own.
*Kayla- "where is your heart?" Is your heart in your brain and what you think? Is it in your body and what you do? Where is your focus?
*Brady- garden hose and Ed's face

Maybe the hose reps God. He is the water. Two separate streams Basileia and Hope? Where is your heart could be where and when are we on the same page!
Brady's experience with two springs running together. One stream is ice cold one is scolding hot.  When they mix together it's comfortable but mostly the experience is work. Do we romanticize serving the poor? Is there a point where we have to get past the romantics of serving the poor? The follow through is hard.

Hoses. Soaker hose water goes everywhere. But also, if God is the hose or the water there is someone who is in charge of where the water goes. There is responsibility on who ever is in charge of watering. We have influence on what happens with the kingdom. It's not passive.

Dallas Willard contrasts loving God and serving God. Loving God is better. 

The real question What is Jesus' heart and Jesus' focus because we could be doing anything...all the things.

Journal of themes. Scripture of two streams?