Troy: Image of someone trying to tame a storm, sense that God inviting us to try and fully engage with Him, (person yelling at the storm) invitation to say anything, but ultimately you can't tame a storm. Trust. 

Troy: A boy with a wand (possibly Harry Potter), Brady feeling like it's about the wonder of God

Brady: Picture of Luke Skywalker, hearing Luke's theme (hero's theme)- Jesus needs to be the hero for us. We have work to do, but we can't be the hero, we need Jesus to show up in a big way. Luke shows up in darkness, dressed in white, and he's not afraid when everyone else is afraid. There's more that Jesus is willing to do for us, if we ask. 

Danae: Picture of someone writing in the sand, but then the surf comes and washes it out. Sense of God being bigger and He's carrying the work we're doing to the places it needs to be, even when it looks like it just keeps disappearing.