Leadership Structure

We’ve prayed purposely into the “look” of our leadership structure. No picture or illustration is perfect or complete but one that we have seen from the Lord that is helpful in understanding the way we are building and functioning is of a ferris wheel. This hub and spokes model is described with some flair below:

Imagine: The rigid structure of an organizational flow chart, bold lines and boxes, begins to peel off the page. Marks that once expressed a flat, top-down model now curve and bend into a robust animation of a ferris wheel. None of the seats are on top for too long, neither resting at the bottom for much time. Operated by the Holy Spirit there is motion, circulation and sometimes stillness. At the center of this powerful hub is Jesus. We rotate around Him; He is at the heart of everything we do. Giant spokes gently piece the structure together, focusing our attention at the core; these represent Pastoral Staff, Elders, and Board of Directors. These roles support, connect and give strength to the church body. Yet, they are never stationary on top... they serve the body in it's motion around Jesus. Those on top are there for a season, looking farthest over the city. God gives us all room to possess vision, hear from Him and speak into community from different heights.

This structure, which we’re pursuing through Suz and Troy’s lead roles, in conjunction with the Elders and the Board of Directors is pioneering, intentionally very relational, and built with the future in mind. 



Troy and Suz met at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA where Troy studied theology and Suz studied psychology. They have been married for 14 years and have a daughter named Lucia and son named Shepherd. They felt called to move to LA in 2009. They found Basileia and felt immediately "at home". They slowly transitioned into staff roles and worked with the founding pastors David and Anita Ruis for two years. This was a life changing experience for them and it totally shifted their understanding of church. Church is family, journey, and life in the tension of the now and not yet of The Kingdom of God. Their leadership style is truly team-centric: 

"We feel called to lead this team and think God has designed this community to be different in its leadership structure in that we see ourselves as activators, who call out the teachers to teach, the prophets to prophesy, etc (Eph 4:1-16, Rom 12:1-8). We want to lead with the posture of staying low and humble and build a community that has depth in relationship (John 13:34-35) and the ability to draw people from the wide spectrum of LA Culture. We feel passionate about helping people continually realize their identity as beloved children. From this place of security we believe we will see more and more people understand more fully what God is calling them to as individuals, together as a community, and as part of the larger body of Christ."

leadership Team


Suz Born

Adrian Bradford

Alisha Kosareff

Alexa Hann

Eric Hann

Kyle Warner

Dan Sima


Suz and Troy Born

Bill and Danae Horst 

Jenelle D'Alessandro

Josiah and Kayla Ruis


Bill Horst

Troy Born

Jenelle D'Alessandro

Suz Born