growing communities that are rooted in the love of Jesus Christ and faithful to the message and practice of His Kingdom

AT BASILEIA WE ARE A DIVERSE COMMUNITY OF FRIENDS SHARING LIFE, FAITH AND RESOURCES FOR THE CAUSE OF CHRIST. We give care, dignity and a voice to the poor and marginalized in our community and beyond. Led by a team of people, we seek to pursue the Kingdom of God through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We have embarked on an adventure in which we cast aside religion in favor of authenticity, faith and the person of Jesus. We embrace men and women in all their giftings and encourage everyone to relentlessly pursue who they have been created to be, both artistically and spiritually, and to go after the calling that God has placed in their hearts.


Basileia is part of the Vineyard Association of Churches. For more information on the Vineyard core values and beliefs CLICK HERE

Adoration – Worship the King 

Worship is the most reasonable response to what God has done for us in Christ. We are called in Romans 12:1 to offer ourselves as living sacrifices to fully surrender to the one and only King of the Kingdom - Jesus. Worship is a lifestyle. It goes far beyond song and encompasses and touches our entire lives. It is not confined to a day or time. The two main words for worship in the Old and New testaments are closely tied to the physical posture of bowing down.  True worship changes our heart posture to surrender and adoration. True worship is something we are continually learning. It compels us and moves us forward to do the work of The Kingdom. 

Proclamation – Kingdom Message 

The Message of Jesus isn’t in the fine print at Basileia. Jesus said in Mark 1:15 “The time promised by God has come at last!” he announced. “The Kingdom of God is near! Repent of your sins and believe the Good News!” This is Jesus’ main message and everything else he did and said was a commentary on this. Let’s break it down: 

The Kingdom of God is Near:  The Kingdom of God is not a place by a dynamic reality.  The Kingdom is God’s rule, reign and agenda.

  1. One King - Jesus is the king of the Kingdom. Through his death and resurrection he has reconciled us to the God and conquered the grave. He alone holds the keys to death and the grave.
  2.  It is now and not yet meaning in Jesus’ first coming he inaugurated the Kingdom and in his second coming he will fulfill the Kingdom. We currently live in the time between these times and can actively participate in God’s advancing Kingdom.  Because of this dynamic, this life is a marriage of glory and suffering. But we rest on God’s promise to once and for all, fully and finally, wipe away every tear.
  3. God’s Kingdom is upside down. The Kingdom shifts the power dynamic in the spiritual and natural world. It’s counter cultural and counter intuitive (i.e. turning the other cheek and loving your enemy). Our understanding of this Kingdom is a journey that will constantly be revealed to us and have more meaning and depth.  

Repent: Is to surrender our agenda for God’s agenda. We have a desperate need to be liberated from sin. In repentance we give up our right to live for ourselves and with God’s help live for Him. 

Believe the Good News: Ephesians 2 says we are saved by grace through faith.  Salvation is a free gift! The righteousness of Jesus, not our righteousness, frees us to be in a personal and intimate relationship with God. Now we can approach Him without fear, which enables us to serve Him by proclaiming and demonstrating the Kingdom.

Demonstration – Kingdom Practice 

Jesus proclaimed the Kingdom and then demonstrated it through healing the sick, casting out demons, and modeling how to love the poor and marginalized. Practicing the Kingdom is what he had his disciples do, what the early church did and what we are called to do today.  We understand that God’s kingdom is at work all over the world. He is always seeking to draw people to Himself and we want to come along side what He is doing. We believe He has gifted and given us as Basileia a few specific ways to be the Kingdom in Los Angeles. 

Connection – Kingdom Family 

Friends sharing life, faith and resource for the cause of Christ is our DNA. The place where the Kingdom is demonstrated most is in relationships with each other: Our Family in the Body of Christ (Romans 8:15-17) and the people in our lives who don’t know Jesus. 

  • We are committed in friendship to each other – This is counter cultural, self-sacrificing, interdependence-as opposed to independence or co-dependence. We are creating a culture where relationships are safe and vulnerability is cultivated over time. 
  • We have patience with the Journey – Giving people freedom to be where they are and love them as they move toward Jesus. This is about transformation, not behavior modification.
  • We are reshaping our definition of Family in LA – The Church is Family (Galatians 1:2)
  • We have room for everyone one – our church/family has a level playing field, where everyone gets to play and all are welcome. 
  • We are experiencing recalibration – we want to provide safety and rest for believers who have been wounded by the church without watering down the gospel but by authentically living it. 
  • We believe in discipleship –  and have regular rhythms of meeting to connect, worship, proclaim and practice The Kingdom together.

THE 30%

What’s that? Well a third of all the financial resource we have gets distributed to those in need in our community and beyond and organizations we partner with. For instance, we might help someone pay their rent, get new tires, or go to a writing workshop that will help advance their career. We have also been able to support a few non-profits meet some goals. If you would like to REQUEST 30% funds CLICK HERE & scroll down.