Basileia Exists to Partner with Christ as He is Restoring Wholeness to All Things


Basileia is part of the Vineyard Association of Churches. For more information on the Vineyard core values and beliefs CLICK HERE

We believe Discipleship is evergrowing in loving God, one another and our neighbor. Discipleship is not a class, checklist or mentorship program. It is a way of life… It’s spiritual formation into Christlikeness. It’s costly and satisfies our souls. Discipleship is committing our lives the the message and practices of Jesus Christ… and going together.  We see three things in Jesus’ life that are non-negotiables for Discipleship.

  • Loving God - Intimacy with the Father transforms us and is where our true identity flows from. This is essential for individual and Kingdom growth and has to be a priority for all Basileians. Jesus often spent time alone in prayer and we believe practicing regular rhythms of connecting with God is essential for spiritual transformation. Jesus says “He only does what he sees the father doing” and talks about this intimacy as abiding (John 5, John 15). We want to equip everyone at Basileia to foster that connection.

  • Loving One Another - Intentionality in Kingdom friendships - We are called to fight for relationship and extend a radical embrace to everyone. We say ‘Kingdom friendships’ because God invites us to be in community with and have intentional friendship with people who are different than us. (Different ages, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, political views etc). We are committed to know and be known; to championing and challenge one another to do what God is calling us to as individuals and as a community. People will be drawn to Christ by the way we love each other well  (John 13).

  • Loving Our Neighbor - Invitation to the Cause of Christ - for the sake of the world - We spend our lives for Jesus. We will grow in boldness and will be uncomfortable for Jesus. We will listen and come alongside what the Holy Spirit is doing in power and help restore wholeness... “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give” (Matthew 8:10).  

THE 30%

What’s that? Well a third of all the financial resource we have gets distributed to those in need in our community and beyond and organizations we partner with. For instance, we might help someone pay their rent, get new tires, or go to a writing workshop that will help advance their career. We have also been able to support a few non-profits meet some goals. If you would like to REQUEST 30% funds CLICK HERE & scroll down.